Car & Van diagnostics and repairs In Worksop .

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Car & Van diagnostics and repairs In Worksop.

We have various diagnostic equipment including Launch, and Texa. Once we diagnose the fault we will repair it for you. We can also do engine remapping to your requirements.

We undertake car and van diagnostics and repairs in our garage in Worksop.

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Some things to consider when having your car tested:

A car must have 12 volts car battery power (battery charged) for a diagnostic tool to connect. If the engine will not start, a tool won't necessarily identify the reason and here's why. Modern cars diagnose their own faults and store the fault codes in their computer (ecu’s) memories. Diagnostic tools are not magic wands; on a basic level they simply read the ecu's and show what is stored in them. When powered by a connection to the car, the tool sends a 'wake-up' signal to the ecu and the ecu should automatically send its stored data back to the tool so it can be read.

The tool receives all data directly from the car and can only receive and display what is transmitted from the car. For that reason, if data transmitted from the car is confusing or meaningless, the fault lies with the diagnostics in the car and not with the tool.

When a car breaks down, the cause might be due to one of the engine components monitored by the cars diagnostics. With exception of emission controls, on board diagnostic monitoring varies between cars. Some cars have many components monitored whilst others don't have very much, apart from the emission controls. Petrol cars can have more diagnostic components than diesels although in modern diesel cars there is now no difference. In fact modern diesels may have more.

When components in a car are monitored by the OBD2 system they are known as 'supported' and they are 'not supported' when the manufacturer has not included them in the car’s diagnostic system. Diagnostic tools can only read supported components in a car.

If the cause of the breakdown or non starting/poor running is due to the failure of one or more of the supported components then the car will normally store the information as fault code/s which can then be read with a diagnostic tool. If the cause is due to the failure of a component that is not monitored (not supported) by the cars OBD, (as with older cars) no fault code information will be stored in the car. In that situation it will be down to traditional investigation, fault tracing and a methodical process of elimination to establish the problem.

Come to our Garage in Worksop and we will diagnose and repair your car.