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Remapping will give more power, more torque, improved throttle response and will give both petrol and diesel cars better fuel economy.
We also offer  EGR deletion call us for more information

Improvements you can expect.
A car with improved throttle response...
Improved acceleration
Smoother power delivery
A car that feels more responsive and alive

Turbo petrol cars typically get
20% more power 25% more torque

Turbo diesel cars typically get
25% more power 30% more torque
Improved fuel economy

Normally aspirated cars
10% more power
Improved throttle response
superior driveability

For more information give us a call on 01909 481879 and talk to John or Jonathan.

Remap review

Just a few words to say how delighted I am with my Hymer B544 motorhome’s performance since the engine remap. The engine is quieter and more responsive than it has ever been. It sounds and drives better than when I bought it new 7 years ago.The pick up up is significantly quicker and has more bite. It goes through the gears smoothly resulting in a drive which is much quieter with a lot less of the usual internal rattlings which are common place in motorhomes.I have to say I feel it is already money well spent.I now look forward to checking if I get better fuel efficiency as I head off to France for seven weeks. I will report back to you on my return. 

Regards Barry Shackley

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